On occasion of its 20th anniversary the Stiftung Frauen-Literatur-Forschung e.V. invited to a panel discussion on July 13 2006:

„The good years are over? What good years?
A discussion about the situation of German studies at the beginning of the 21st century“

Language and literary sciences are in the midst of a crisis and not for the first time. At the same time they show a productivity not seen in years. Jobs are rare but scientists are not. Education is popular mostly in soap-box oratories and less when equipping the educational institutions. However, surprisingly this is not about a lack of money but about priorities. In public events like "Stadt der Wissenschaften" ("City of Science") or "Kinderuniversität" ("Children's University") the language and literary sciences are only present on the fringes. What does have to happen for the transfer of literary acquired knowledge into society to be successful and therefore make apparent the social value and relevance of language and literary sciences?

The following people took part in the discussion moderated by Gerald Sammet (Radio Bremen)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Althaus (University of Bremen),
Prof. Dr. Ilse Nagelschmidt (University of Leipzig),
Prof. Dr. Anthonya Visser (University of Leiden),
Dr. Klaus Sondergeld (Bremen Marketing GmbH)
Prof. Dr. Gerold Wefer (University of Bremen).

For all those who could not join the discussion, the panel discussion was videotaped and can be ordered on DVD (in German)).
For all those who prefer reading the statements we have transcribed the discussion. You can download the text here (in German).