reflexA. Literary Mirror Scenes of Women

reflexA. provides literary mirrored scenes of women as quotable full text. German-speaking novels, short prose texts, poems and autobiographical texts from 18th - 21th century have been excerpted.

Literary mirror scenes function like magnifying glasses. They focus upon:

  • aspects of self-awareness and external awareness
  • poetological and aesthetic concepts
  • gender, body and identity models

The database allows a broad overview of the mirror subject in written literature by German-speaking women writers. Until now, this subject matter has received little notice and only mirror scenes in famous canonized texts of male writers were matters of interest for research.

The text selection contains two perspectives.

  • Woman as a text producer:: A panorama of 'reflected' femininity concepts is introduced. The producers are women. Of course, it is not about converting women writers into dominant interpretive standards, going after or applying a biographic-based method or to ontologize the writings of women.
  • Woman as an object in the text:: The focus is on mirroring and mirrored women: acting, watching and reflecting.

Nikola Rossbach, who initiated the project, chose the texts and is responsible for the correctness of the posted text material. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.